How to Season New End Grain Butcher Blocks

New end grain butcher blocks are quite thirsty and require many coats of food grade mineral oil in the first few weeks of use. Your new end grain butcher block should be oiled 2 or 3 times before using it for the first time. Continue oiling your board every day for the first two weeks of use. The idea is to get the board saturated with oil to prevent it from absorbing water. Once the board is saturated, then it will require oiling only once a month.


Oiling your butcher block only takes a few minutes and is an important step in ensuring that it will last a lifetime. Butcher block oil is available directly from Emerson Pringle Carpentry and can be found here.


Here’s how to apply the oil:


  1. Drizzle a generous amount of mineral oil onto the face of the board and spread it around with a paper towel. You will notice the oil being sucked into the wood fibers. Add more oil to ensure the entire face has been “wetted.”
  2. Turn the board over and repeat step 1 for the other face.
  3. Use the excess oil on your towel to wipe the sides and edges. They will not absorb as much oil as the end grain faces but make sure they get some.
  4. Allow the board to absorb the mineral oil for a few hours between coats or before using.


Feel free to call or email with any questions.


Care & Maintenance for Wood Cutting Boards

Clean and dry your cutting board after every use. When not in use, allow the board to be open to the air by standing it on its edge. Do not submerge it in water or machine wash.

How to Clean

  • Rinse with clean running water
  • Wash with hot soapy water
  • Dry thoroughly immediately after washing


Season and protect your cutting board at least once a month. Use food grade mineral oil and/or beeswax polish which is available at New butcher blocks are quite thirsty and will require more oil in the first few weeks of use.

How to Season and Protect

  • Rub mineral oil into board with paper towel
  • Allow oil to soak in, then wipe off the excess


Sanitize your board on a regular basis and always after cutting meat or fish. Use full strength white vinegar. Keep it in a spray bottle for convenience.

How to Sanitize and Remove Odours

  • Wipe with pure white vinegar to kill bacteria
  • Slice a lemon in half and rub into board to help remove strong odours


Other Tips

  • Use both sides of end grain butcher blocks
  • Allow air flow under large butcher blocks by propping it up on small rubber pads
  • Use beeswax polish on your wood salad bowls and tongs as well as your boards