About the Artist

My work was born out of a passion for artistry and a desire to create long lasting, functional, works of art. I strive to create beautiful solid wood pieces that will be cherished and be passed down for generations.

Woodworking has been a lifelong interest for me, but my career began in 2009 when I quit my job in sound engineering and took a course in general carpentry. In 2011, I endeavored to take my hobby more seriously and began my business, Emerson Pringle Carpentry. Almost immediately, I found my niche in fine woodworking and started creating distinctly beautiful cutting boards and custom furniture pieces.

I now work full time in my home-based shop in Waupoos, Prince Edward County, Ontario. I love taking a project from design to finish. Working from home allows me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my family. When I’m not in the shop or running around chasing my kids, I sell cutting boards at the Wellington Farmers Market and a few other artist festivals in our area.

Check out my facebook, Instagram, or blog for upcoming events and to see what’s new and exciting in the workshop. If you’re interested in a custom furniture piece, please email me and I can create a detailed design and give you a quote.